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The efficiency in the Cold Chain Management is a key component to guarantee the safety of the products and their presentation. In ALMACENA, we can provide the logistics' solutions that guarantee an efficient management of the Cold Chain, with its services of international transportation, storage, added value processes and local dispatch and distribution


Our storage units are designed and equipped to adapt to temperature and humidity, according to the requirement of the products. We have a storage capacity of up to 6 million pounds for frozen or refrigerated storing and independent module for products that require special treatment or temperatures. Our cooling equipment is one of the most sophisticated in the industry, with the use of "dry cold" technology, automated temperature monitoring and a technical staff on call 24/7 that allows us to guarantee the efficiency and perfect operation of our equipment.


Our quality standards are based on international regulation and are guided by organizations specialized in Cold Chain Operation of international renown, that allows us to offer a service based on very strong quality parameters for food and pharmaceutical products.







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