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We have a large area for indoor, outdoor, or controlled conditions (18° a 25° C) dry storing, which has all the conditions for the management, keeping, inventory administration and also complementary added value services.complementarios.


The service includes all the administrative processes and inventory control, palletized and arrangement, preparation of orders and dispatches, visualizations of on-line stocks, as well as an electronic and physical security circuit for the protection of the products.



We are supported by excellent information systems, facilities and human resources, offering our customers flexibility and an exceptional customer support, allowing us to become an extension of your company and reducing your operational costs.

Our location is an excellent alternative as a distribution center for its ease of access to every area of the country with diverse alternate routes and excellent conditions of the highway systems.





Kilómetro 27.5 Carretera a Santa Ana, San Juan Opico, La Libertad, El Salvador, Centro América


Tel.: PBX (503) 2347 0600
Fax.: (503) 2338 5498


Email: contacto@almacena.com.sv


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