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We have the best rates for land transportation to and from any country in Central America and Panama, through our wide selection of certified transports for dry or frozen/refrigerated merchandise that goes from  1.5 and up to 20 tons.

 Our Guarantee:

• Equipment and drivers completely certified.
• Positioning times totally guaranteed.
• Agile document elaboration.
• Trucks with GPS system.
Automated Transit Status Information, available through our web site.

 Added Value Services:

• Merchandise Insurance
• Physical Security (Guards)
• Coordination of customs' documentation in every Central America's country
• Door to Door operations coordination



Kilómetro 27.5 Carretera a Santa Ana, San Juan Opico, La Libertad, El Salvador, Centro América


Tel.: PBX (503) 2347 0600
Fax.: (503) 2338 5498


Email: contacto@almacena.com.sv


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